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15–24 August, 2024

2024 Application: Form pending

The goal of the workshop is to address the transformation of the field of architecture toward creative and resourceful practices with a spirit of renewal. We will explore adaptivity and resourcefulness, expressing the value of everyday and discarded objects through hands-on design “alchemy”. We have invited 3 international architects to host the workshop. They will each use their unique experience in teaching and practice to guide a group of 40 participants through a collaborative exploration of the architecture of the everyday. The workshop will offer an environment in which participants work closely with workshop leaders, engaging interactively with its key themes. A series of talks, collective meals and observations of the city are woven into the programme, culminating in a final exhibition. We will have access to post-consumer materials, as well as building components.

DRIFT, Paraply 2023

The workshop will take place in Copenhagen, near the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art campus, in a building pending renovation or demolition. Large interior and open floors will allow participants to spread out their ideas into direct spatial experiments. The work will engage with the space in its totality, including its history and future identity. The results of the workshop will come together in the curation of an exhibition that will open immediately after ending. Materials and tools will be provided at the workshop location. 

Starting on Friday morning, the workshop will offer an intense 8 day programme, ending on the following Friday evening. There will be 3 days of preparation, 4 days of hands-on work, and 1 day for final reviews and reflective conversations. The programme is oriented around an effort to enhance the voices and design process of all participants. We would like to acknowledge the benefits of pairing productive sessions with contemplative moments. Time to explore the places around the Hangar and the city of Copenhagen as a whole is of great importance to the workshop.

2024 Dates
Application Window: Monday, May 6 - Friday, June 7
Paraply School: Thursday, August 15 - Saturday, August 24

Observing the Everyday in Copenhagen

The workshop is designed for architecture students roughly between the second year of bachelor (undergrad) and before the final diploma or capstone project of the masters (graduate) degree. Applications are also open to designers and artists. You do not currently need to be enrolled at a university, you may be between degrees or between work experiences. There are 50 open spaces.

Workshop Leaders
The three workshop leaders for 2024 will be announced in March. We select prominent architects, designers and artists, who have teaching experience, hands-on material knowledge and climate consciousness. Participants will be divided into three groups of 14-16. Workshop leaders and participants will arrive with no prior knowledge of what building materials will be available. Workshop leaders will help guide the iterative and instinctive design methodology, shoulder-to-shoulder with the participants.

Our priority is to make the workshop accessible and equitable to all applicants. There will be a 200€ attendance fee to help the Student Association and the Paraply team fund the workshop. The fee will cover 4 community meals throughout the workshop. Participants will be required to coordinate their own accommodation and transportation in Copenhagen. There may be a network of student apartments available for rent. By submitting this application, you commit to paying the fee if you are selected.

Please email paraplyschool@gmail.com if you have any questions during the application process. We look forward to receiving your information.

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